About us:

This beautiful hotel offers 6 different type of rooms, 21 in total.  Each room has its own beauty and elegance.  Open 12 months of the year, you can relax and allow our staff to serve you as you live your dream.


What started out as a pure white dream became a reality with Pur Beyaz Otel (Pure White) hotel.  Like a true fairy tale setting, sea gulls chirping and flying over the sea, will leave you feeling like you are one with nature and alone on the island.  You will be immersed with the natural beauty of Cunda along with it’s world renowned delicious meals.  You truly will be living a Pure White dream!


Our services

  • Cellar
  • Meeting room
  • Art Gallery
  • Tv Room
  • Ambiance Room
  • Olive Shop
  • Winter Garden
  • Terrace
  • Bar American
  • Pool
  • Car Parking

PÜR BEYAZ oPur Beyaz (Pure White) hotel has a very relaxing pool side and gourmet a la cart menu for you to enjoy during your stay.  We also offer a fireplace, TV room, small and big gathering rooms as well as a gallery space for world famous artists to exhibit their works.  Our staff is awaiting you with a smile on their faces 12 months of the year.

Telephone : 0266 327 1414 -15   Mobile: 0531 390 0909

Address: Mithatpaşa mah.Yukarı Çayır sokak no:16